Security for B & B Accommodation Providers & Their Guests

A huge number of individuals stay in hotels or resorts on a regular basis. These places are packed especially during the holidays and other occasion. It is good to hear that you will not be find any shortage of hotels & resorts that are available in the present and more establishments are being constructed to accommodate the needs of each and every one of their guests. One thing to note when staying in these hotels are their security. Let us look at the security for B & B accommodation providers as well as with their guests.

Stories about hotel room thefts is pretty common with guests returning to their hotel room after activities are over only to find their bag and many of their electronics were gone. This is indeed not a pleasing sight to see. One way, hotel owners are able to add the much needed security is by offering safes in the room where they can store their valuables up.

With the help of modern technology, security has taken a huge leap with the introduction of electronic lock system. This however, did not stop perpetrators from hacking into their security. A good example of this is when a security flaw in common keycard locks was exploited in string of hotel room break-ins. Reports stated that the room’s lock hadn’t been picked, and hadn’t been opened with any key. Instead, it had been hacked with a digital tool that effortlessly triggered its opening mechanism in seconds.

This is indeed a cause for concern not only to hotel owners but also with their customers. Fortunately, the age old advice on how hotel theft is prevent can still be applied in this present day and age. One of the best ways to prevent thieves from preying on your guests is to make sure they are not hired to work at your hotel in the first place. Hotel owners are able to do this simply by checking the criminal background of each and every employee. This in turn helps the potential for future issues with a worker who has demonstrated criminal behavior in the past. It should also be noted that employee screening is not finished once the hire is made. It should continue with regular but unscheduled drawer counts, inventory checks and personal inspections to ensure that company items and cash are not being pocketed at any time.

There is indeed a lot of factors to look into when identifying key hotel security concerns. Hotels need to ensure that their key card access systems are not vulnerable to hacking or unlawful access. Updating their security system and changing their passwords from time to time is greatly recommended. For maximum safety, posting security personnel around the clock at front entrances and other access points is vital. Having homestay security is quite handy as you can get in touch with them at any given time when the need calls for you to do so. Security personnel are able to report suspicious activity, conduct property tours and protect guests and guest information from outsiders.

Another handy security tips for hotel management is to educate their guests. Hotel staff has a responsibility to educate guests about safety and security responsibilities. For example, the bellman can stress the importance of locking hotel room doors to prevent strangers from entering. Always be vigilant and have a safe stay in your hotel.