Hunter Valley Haunted by Lay-offs

The Hunter Valley coal chain is among the largest coal mining areas of Australia. The port of Newcastle has seen rapid financial development and is now the world’s biggest coal exporting port. Of late, the demand and price of coal have seen a steady downswing. This has led many of the existing coal mines to downsize. Over the years news reports have shown that nearly ten thousand jobs have been lost either directly or indirectly because of these lay-offs.

Not just miners

It is not just the miners and their families that are affected by the loss of jobs. Many other small businesses built around the mines like restaurants, service centres, fuel stations, and other local shops and businesses are also direly affected. If jobs are slowly lost in the same manner, the towns surrounding the mines may become ghost towns as people may have to leave elsewhere in search of work.

Economics of it all

This has come at a time when coal prices have dropped dramatically in Australia, almost 50 to 70 percent. Analysts of Bureau of Resource Energy Economics (BREE) have pointed out that the main reason for this fall was the demand for coal from Asia a few years back, which forced the development of infrastructure to accommodate the perceived demand. The slump in Chinese demand for coal after only a few years put a strain on the now expanded capacity, which could not be fully utilized. The resulting over excess supply eventually shot down prices.

Carbon tax has also taken stabs at the industry, with nearly 800 million dollars going towards it in the last year. The government is expected to intervene with some new policies for those who have been laid off. Some strategies of financial development can sustain the towns until the mines can be functional again.

Cautiously optimistic about the future

The new mine in Queensland is touted to be the biggest mine in Australia. It promises new jobs, but BREE has also noted that growth cannot be as quick and that the upswing will take it’s time. The export of coal has grown between 2012 and 2013. The recent slumps can bounce back as export of coal and financial development is expected to get stronger in the coming years.

The main consumers of coal are thermal power plants and iron and steel industries. BREE has pointed out that the world will never stop demanding steel and power, so exports will improve as expected and the financial development of Hunter Valley will get back on track. Until then there is very little that the laid off miners can do but wait.

For all businesses in the Hunter Valley, now it an important time to be careful with your finances. If companies have any issues with cash flow, then business loans may be able to help. Through planned financial development, the Hunter Valley region can take the brunt of these tragic lay-offs now and look to create a more secure financial future.

Hearing Aids in The Hunter

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By Oscar Clarke

Occasionally the government does some good things, very occasionally. But when they do something good, I like to know about it and I like people to know about it. That’s why when the government invests in education, especially when it targets my generation, I am getting a little older after all, I feel it should be talked about.

The government has invested money in creating research programs called CRC’s which are tasked with developing programs centred on expanding our knowledge around critical lifestyle factors.

In Australia, one in six people has some degree of hearing loss, which is expected to rise to one in four by 2050.

I’ve been following the development of the Hearing CRC which is called Hearnet, they’re responsible for developing awareness around issues related to hearing loss and also the development of new technology with hearing aids.

We have an older demographic in the Hunter region, we attract it, it’s beautiful and relaxing here. But amongst all the fun, for people like us it’s more important than ever to engage our health in a proactive way to ensure we can continue having fun for many years to come.

It can be quite hard to get good information on healthcare in our area as we’re a little out of the way, however the Hearing CRC has been a great resource for me in learning about hearing problems, but mostly in determining early warning signs and prevention.

Also thanks to the National Broadband Network, we’re able to tune in to this kind of information really quickly out here. Sure the new internet had its problems initially in terms of roll out, but it’s probably going to end up being a good thing when we can get our hands on all this data in a much faster way.

I’m going to include a link to some of their information below, because whether it’s for yourself or for your own research for a family member, it’s important to have a look into, even  if it’s just a cursory glance, so you can understand more adequately the needs of your loved ones and your own personal needs when it comes to hearing health.

So just click on hearing aids for more information on how to help yourself or a loved one.

Need to see an audiologist locally in the Hunter Valley? Here’s some where you can get one-on-one support:

Ph (02) 4929 1989. Raworth Cottage Medical Practice, Raworth Street, Singleton NSW 2330, Australia.
HEARINGLife is one of the world’s leading networks of hearing care professionals, making a huge difference to the lives of people with hearing difficulties. For over 70 years, they’ve  provided hearing care services to Australians. They stand by their commitment to the  highest levels of professionalism, ethics, honesty and integrity.

Connect Hearing
Ph (02) 4014 1701 Shop 2, Lake Arcade 2/ 22 Lake St, Warners Bay NSW 2282, Australia
Qualified and experienced hearing professionals who involve clients throughout the consultation process and take time to explain testing and outcomes. They listen hard to understand the situations you find it difficult to hear in or where you’re exposed to noise and wish to protect your hearing – and then identify and recommend a solution to complement your lifestyle and budget.

Select Hearing
Ph (02) 4959 8635 Corner Pemell & Brighton Avenue (above Woolworths) 2/ 7 Pemell St, Toronto NSW 2283, Australia
A local provider of quality hearing care services located in their HQ at Toronto with regular clinics at the Morisset GP Super Clinic, Kurri Kurri Professional Suites, Cooranbong, Raymond Terrace and Fern Bay. Their clinicians have many years of experience providing services in the Newcastle, Central Coast and South Lakes areas.

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