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Technology is constantly evolving and creating new ways of making our lives easier. It invents new manners to keep us connected, sharing moments, interests and opinions. Social media, for instance, puts you one click away from telling all your friends and acquaintances everything about you: places you’ve been, songs you like, friends you share with others and pictures that represent who you are. And that might be the reason why Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc, are so popular. It’s easy to use and to connect with whom you want to.

But then it’s time to go to work and you feel like you went back in time. Never ending structures, mandatory authorizations from different sectors and levels for almost every task you have to do and hundreds of emails in your mailbox every day, which reflects a great difficulty of communicating with co-workers and sharing and updating files. These cause people to spend most of their time undertaking trivial time-consuming activities that prevent them from getting the real work done. And the best thing is you don’t have to be a developer to be able to use it.

SharePoint development is a collaboration software designed by Microsoft that helps, sharing, updating and archiving company files, managing projects, costs and risks and connecting people. More effectively used in organizations with more than 30 employees, it allows users to work together and share and update documents online without having to store several different versions. They can even work on the same document simultaneously as well as upload files straight from Microsoft Office.

Archiving files is simple and if done correctly employees will be able to find files with hardly any effort. Users can choose to file documents under a folder or use tags to organize under themes. They can use multiple values, which mean it’s possible to use more than one tag to identify files in SharePoint 2013, something that could not be done in previous versions.

But with all those features companies might perceive as undesirable providing their employees unlimited access to all files, which could not be the best scenario if there are confidential, documents that cannot be seen by everyone. And that’s why it allows you to choose who has permission to see and modify documents. It’s possible to select certain members, areas or even groups of people working on a project together. The system is user-friendly software that will improve efficiency in your workplace if it’s correctly developed and customised to satisfy your company needs.

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