Hunter-Valley-FeaturesThe Hunter Valley is one of the best channels to the interior of the state with access relatively unhampered by mountains and other barriers. It is the predominant area of relatively unelevated land near the coast of New South Wales, and due to the shielding by rugged ranges to its north, is much drier than any other coastal region of the state. Find out more about the the Hunter Valley on Wikipedia.

The land in the upper valley is mostly used and preferred for selective breeding of livestock. The vital focal point for coal mining and wineries would be the lower valley. The landscape character of the local area is reigned by moderate to gentle waving slopes, with several locally dominant ridges.

One of the main characteristics of the Hunter Valley is its people. Their warmth is felt as soon as you step on the Hunter grounds, giving you that relaxing vibe and welcoming feeling.  The locals are very proud of their heritage and have done everything to make this sanctuary the perfect escape.

Anyone is sure to be mesmerized by the Hunter Valley’s effortless splendor.  It is a nature lover’s paradise with its magnificent landscapes, mountains, forests, valleys and hills, making it one of the Hunter’s attractive traits that people keep coming back for.

It is a well-known fact that the Hunter is also home to the best vineyards and wineries in Australia. Some of the country’s biggest and most respected wine companies can be found here. Expect to sample some of the finest wines in Australia when you are in the region.

You can never go wrong with the Hunter Valley’s accommodation, tours, food and wine. They have some of the most romantic bed and breakfast guesthouses that can accommodate small to large groups of people. Different hotels and resorts are also available for visitors to stay in. Magnificent vineyards, breweries and restaurants are sprinkled around the region for your gastronomic adventures. They also have the best deals for tours ranging from private and self-guided tours to helicopter tours which are perfect for those looking for a bit of luxury.

The Hunter Valley is a character on its own. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. It is all you have ever wanted and more. Discover the Hunter and you will surely find a treasure.