children on vacation

Children Learn Nothing during Vacations: True or False?

How do your children spend their time during their vacation? Glued to their blue screens, right? With your busy schedule, you might not be in a position to facilitate a productive and learning environment. Juggling between your work and other responsibilities is demanding enough, and you could let them have their way with their favorite devices to avoid the unpleasant reactions that can interrupt your plans. In such an environment, your children learn little to nothing during vacations. This is among the reasons for the wonderful expansion of vacation care activities around the world, as parents strive to facilitate learning outside the school term. You could, however, be wondering why you should spend an extra buck enlisting your kids in vacation care while they could stay at home and save your money. If you are at this point, here is a look at some of the vacation care benefits.

Enhance social skills

Vacation care activities include interactive group activities, an excellent opportunity for your children to enhance their social skills. Communication is a vital skill, one that they can’t effectively acquire while glued to their Smartphones, playing games all day long, or on TV. Group activities require teamwork that forces your child out of their comfort zone. They have to communicate with their teammates and catch some fun doing it, facilitating a productive environment to improve on communication skills, and empathy, among other social cues vital as they navigate their lives growing up.

Learn resilience

Vacation care activities are tailored to keep children engaged in a fun and learning way. Problem-solving and resilience are some of the life skills your child learns while engaging in such activities, essential attributes that come in handy as they grow up, become independent, and explore life on their own.

Become responsible

Every action has consequences. It, however, takes a responsible person to realize how consequences affect their lives and that of those around them. In vacation care, group activities provide an environment to learn responsibility, a skill that takes time to develop. Playing their part in such activities and succeeding feels good, teaching them how being responsible is crucial in life. If they fail to participate or succumb to their fears of being in a group, they fail without trying and feel the pain of missing out as well. This prompts them to try next time, and with resilience, become successful, setting them in the right path.

Physical fitness

Apart from learning nothing, sitting on the couch all day, playing games and watching TV, does more harm than good to your kids. Physical fitness is vital, especially for your children as they develop. Playtime helps them to discover what they can do with their body, gain stability, enhance bone growth and development, and keeps conditions such as heart problems at bay. This makes vacation care more than ideal to let your kids earn valuable skills but also to improve their health through physical activities.

Modern technology has most of us glued to the screens, a concern that can be quite destructive, especially for children with a lot of free time on their hands during vacations. Don’t let this be your situation, as you can now comfortably access fantastic facilities from the ever-expanding vacation care services for an engaging and learning experience for your children.