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Best Electricians in the Hunter Valley

Seeking the best electricians in the Hunter Valley? If you’re looking for a switchboard upgrade, garden lighting installation, ceiling fan installation, security lighting installation, intercom installation, or an electrician in an emergency, try any one of these …

Hunter Valley Electrics

As a small Newcastle electrical business, HVE’s goal is to build trusted long term relationships by providing quality service and products, experienced expert advice, and the best electrical solutions.

They  pride themselves on being at the forefront of energy creation, energy management and energy usage across residential, commercial and rural markets for over 40 years.

Whether your project is a simple one or a complex, technically challenging one, they’d love to show you their problem-solving culture, clear values, and strong customer service ethic.

From Merewether to Maitland, and Wangi Wangi to Weston, Hunter Valley Electrics are wherever you want them to be.


One of the newer ways to connect with a Hunter Valley electrician is to click the high-ranking link on Airtasker.

There you can find customer testimonials which help guide you in your decisions by saying things such as:

“Carl is both friendly and professional. The work was completed efficiently and he was very helpful in explaining exactly what he was doing and demonstrate …”

“Will was prompt, polite and fixed my boat navigation lights in 5mins. Definitely knows his stuff and I would highly recommend Will to anyone that need…”

“Luke did the job well. Just arrived late without communicating what was hapenning. Is polite and I’m happy with the result.”

“Very satisfied . Carl is highly professional, very efficient . His quote was very reasonable. And he finished job on time .Tx so much Carl ! Highly recommended :)”

“Came and done the job same day without any fuss Highly recommended!!!!”

Finding the best electrician in the Hunter Valley is important because it’s a little too far for Sydney electricians to travel so if you can’t have the best in the nearby Big Smoke, then once you’ve found the best in the Hunter you’ll be keen to stick with them for life – which means until death.

Lambs Electrical Hunter Valley

Eddie from Lamb’s Electrical Hunter Valley is your local Electrician and Electrical contractor services the Hunter Valley, Maitland and surroundings areas – including :

Kurri Kurri,
and all surrounding areas.

Giant Electrical

Giant Electrical provide overhead and underground electrical infrastructure services including: construction, line installation, network connections, upgrades, relocations, maintenance, removal and repairs, high & low voltage extensions to rural properties.

As specialist level 1 and level 2 electricians, their clients include: government bodies, energy authorities, Tier 1 electrical & civil contracting companies, property developers, building and construction companies, and private residents.

They take pride in delivering small to medium sized projects for clients and are fully Accredited Service Providers of Level 1 (ASP 1) and Level 2 (ASP 2) contestable work.

For your next level 1 or level 2 electrical project in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie or the Hunter Valley, consider Giant Electrical the big player for big electrical projects.


Hunter Valley Orthodontists: Dental Tourism The First Class Way

Australian citizens! Your dental rights have been stolen away from you. You can no longer travel to Thailand or the Philippines to get your lifelong crooked teeth straightened and veneered and fixed for your sunset years. We know you want to!

So time for a solution … budget-priced dental tourism into the Hunter Valley. Sydney and Melbourne people – we’re not advocating you skip quarantine or your cities’ wretched lockdowns – but … if and when it’s legally possible, come to the Hunter Valley and get your life straightened out … well the furniture in your mouth anyway.

Hunter Valley Orthodontists: Dental Tourism The First Class Way

Yes this is a real thing! Here are some dentists and orthodontists who would love to see you:

Central Coast Orthodontists are convenient for Hunter Valley residents and tourists alike. Be sure to book in with them early so they know you’re coming. These aren’t the people you turn to on a last-minute whim. Plan it out and enjoy your trip.

Hunter Family Dental’s services cover: – General Dentistry – Preventative Dentistry – Gum Disease/Periodontal Treatment – Children’s Dentistry … that’s right, take your spoiled rich Mosman kids there and get them fixed up while you sample the very best vineyard creations, hire a hot air balloon, dine in the finest Hunter Valley restaurants and cafes, and buy yourself a big wide plot of lush green land for your impending retirement.

Being a proudly Australian region, if there’s a buck or two in it, of course the Hunter Valley is working on getting Smilestyler clear aligners better known than Invisalign – this is a challenge every parochial Aussie oi oi oi dentist and orthodontist should be thinking about. And the excellent people at Pacific Smiles Dental have embraced this challenge, offering both Invisalign and Smilestyler – the dentists of the future? Definitely.

If you’re seeking Myobrace you’ll have to look further north than the Hunter Valley, or maybe a bit south into the most progressive Sydney dentists but if you’re simply needing emergency dentistry, or maybe wisdom tooth removal, then The Happy Tooth in Cessnock is a positive option. Why are their teeth happy? Because they’ll try to save them if they can.

Places to stay in the Hunter Valley? Well of course that’s what we’re all about! Your really should try out Spicers Luxury Retreat for the experience of a lifetime.

The Hunter Valley is the perfect place to indulge your senses with wine and cheese tastings, hot air ballooning, music, markets, trying out a festival or two or skydiving amongst the vines.

Spicers Vineyards Estate is a luxurious Hunter Valley retreat where guests can come to revitalise and rejuvenate while enjoying all that the region has to offer. Awarded as one of Australia’s best romantic getaways, it has 12 luxury suites, a private vineyard, Spa Anise day spa and Restaurant Botanica. Perfect for a romantic weekend or group getaway. Located 190km from Sydney Airport and 80km from Newcastle Airport, Spicers Vineyards Estate is only 9 mins from Tyrrell’s Wines and 15 mins from De Bortoli Wines, two of the first wineries in Australia.

Another elegant Hunter Valley retreat is Spicers Guesthouse. The Guesthouse has been an iconic destination within the Hunter Valley for 35 years and it exhibits modern elegance while still maintaining its old world charm. Spicers Guesthouse boasts 49 guest rooms on over 40 acres of grounds overlooking the surrounding mountain ranges and neighbouring vineyards and the stylish éRemo Restaurant.

And coming to the Hunter Valley in mid-2022 is Spicers Tower Estate. This all-inclusive luxury retreat will reimagine a Valley favourite with an $8m renovation.

children on vacation

Children Learn Nothing during Vacations: True or False?

How do your children spend their time during their vacation? Glued to their blue screens, right? With your busy schedule, you might not be in a position to facilitate a productive and learning environment. Juggling between your work and other responsibilities is demanding enough, and you could let them have their way with their favorite devices to avoid the unpleasant reactions that can interrupt your plans. In such an environment, your children learn little to nothing during vacations. This is among the reasons for the wonderful expansion of vacation care activities around the world, as parents strive to facilitate learning outside the school term. You could, however, be wondering why you should spend an extra buck enlisting your kids in vacation care while they could stay at home and save your money. If you are at this point, here is a look at some of the vacation care benefits.

Enhance social skills

Vacation care activities include interactive group activities, an excellent opportunity for your children to enhance their social skills. Communication is a vital skill, one that they can’t effectively acquire while glued to their Smartphones, playing games all day long, or on TV. Group activities require teamwork that forces your child out of their comfort zone. They have to communicate with their teammates and catch some fun doing it, facilitating a productive environment to improve on communication skills, and empathy, among other social cues vital as they navigate their lives growing up.

Learn resilience

Vacation care activities are tailored to keep children engaged in a fun and learning way. Problem-solving and resilience are some of the life skills your child learns while engaging in such activities, essential attributes that come in handy as they grow up, become independent, and explore life on their own.

Become responsible

Every action has consequences. It, however, takes a responsible person to realize how consequences affect their lives and that of those around them. In vacation care, group activities provide an environment to learn responsibility, a skill that takes time to develop. Playing their part in such activities and succeeding feels good, teaching them how being responsible is crucial in life. If they fail to participate or succumb to their fears of being in a group, they fail without trying and feel the pain of missing out as well. This prompts them to try next time, and with resilience, become successful, setting them in the right path.

Physical fitness

Apart from learning nothing, sitting on the couch all day, playing games and watching TV, does more harm than good to your kids. Physical fitness is vital, especially for your children as they develop. Playtime helps them to discover what they can do with their body, gain stability, enhance bone growth and development, and keeps conditions such as heart problems at bay. This makes vacation care more than ideal to let your kids earn valuable skills but also to improve their health through physical activities.

Modern technology has most of us glued to the screens, a concern that can be quite destructive, especially for children with a lot of free time on their hands during vacations. Don’t let this be your situation, as you can now comfortably access fantastic facilities from the ever-expanding vacation care services for an engaging and learning experience for your children.

The Perfect Hunter Valley Holiday

In my own experience, I consider the perfect Hunter Valley holiday to be one which engages with the unique aspects of place and its produce. I want to literally taste the Hunter Valley on my lips via food and drink possibilities. I do not want to go to the Hunter and consume the same victuals that I eat at home. What is the point of travel, if you do not do as the Romans do in Rome? This part of NSW is full of award winning wine growers, food producers, restaurants, hotels and natural features to explore.

Taste the Crisp Grape Tingle on Your tongue

Think of Maitland, Singleton, Cessnock, Paterson, Pokolbin, Wollombi, Rothbury and Lovedale, and you can almost taste the crisp grape tingle on your tongue. Love is a finely crafted glass vessel full of verve and surprise. You can, even, take a balloon ride above the vineyards, to survey the splendour beneath you. There are terrific golf courses, if a good walk spoiled is your cup of tea. Greg Norman, Jack Newton, the names of champions and course designers, just, drip off the tongue. Take a swing through the vineyards and putt your way to a vintage or two.

Herbs That Heal Are on the Menu

Alternatively, you may like to spa your way through the Hunter Valley, and I do not refer to the pugilistic meaning of the word. Rather, you can stretch, bathe, and be gently pummelled by massage therapists bearing essential oils and hot rocks. The day spa exploration may open a golden door or two to peace and tranquillity. Sipping elegant wines in spa tubs and indulging in clouds of aromatherapy can only be good for the soul after all. Herbs that heal are, also, on the menu at these superior spa facilities in the Hunter.

Cooking Up a Storm to Soothe the Savage Beast

Culinary creativity is a big part of the perfect Hunter Valley holiday in my book. For those getting away from leadership spills in Canberra, it is the perfect getaway. Cooking up a storm to soothe the savage beast of a conservative’s coal mine fantasy is an appropriate alternative. The local produce is world’s best and fresher than fresh. Artisan cheeses, chocolates, game meats, smoked fish, olive oils and more, will please your palate and have you asking for more.  Sup on culinary treats and sip the wines of the rural gods.

Yoga and Wine: The Hunter Valley Unites These Disciplines

The Hunter Valley is home to a multifaceted array of recreational pursuits. Yes, there is an abundance of vineyards, restaurants and fantastic Australian wine. In addition, however, there are also plenty of physically and spiritually healthy activities to partake in. Yoga is on the ‘must do’ list for every other person you meet these days; and why not? All that breathing and stretching in graceful poses cannot but help with physical flexibility and core body strength. Not to mention the spiritual dimension, where one is in appreciation of being vibrantly alive, right now on this very planet.

A good life, I have been told, is all about balance. Yoga people know all about physical balance. A recipe for balance, for some, might be, a glorious yoga session outside in the Hunter Valley in the morning, horse riding in the afternoon, and a glass of Hunter Semillon or Shiraz accompanied by a delicious dinner in the evening. Alternatively, the recipe may include a round of golf on an award winning designer golf course, an afternoon yogic stretch to relieve those golfed muscles, and then the fine wine and Hunter produce in a sensational restaurant.

Yoga and Wine: The Hunter Valley Unites These Disciplines

Yoga and wine both work on the senses. An enlivening session of stretching asanas will make your wine taste even better. Yoga and wine in moderation make for a more profound experience of living. The grape reaches back into the far distant realms of human history; it has accompanied humankind for a very long time. Bacchus and Dionysus are the gods of ritualistic ecstasy, divine madness and the grape has been their elixir of choice for ever. Yoga has an equally long lineage, with the gurus of India. Check out ACM Yoga Group for detailed information pertaining to the origins of yoga.

There are plenty of wine tours available in the Hunter Valley. There are also yoga retreats and tours happening here. There are sensational places to stay in this unique part of the world. There are delightful restaurants and cafes to nourish your recreational activities here in the Hunter. Yoga and wine: the Hunter Valley unites these disciplines for your living and breathing pleasure. Remember the balance and avoid the fanatic. All yoga and no play makes Jenny and Jost a dull girl and boy. Equally, nobody likes to loll about with a lush for too long. Find your balance in the Hunter Valley.

wine business vineyard

Setting up a Winery: How to Make it in the Wine Business

If you’re a lover of fine wines, you must have dreamt of owning a winery. Imagine wandering through the vineyards, having the opportunity to enjoy what you love and turning it into a profitable business, plus the bonus of having your very name on the label of a great-tasting wine.

The wine industry is a growing industry as rich as a chilled bottle of Chardonnay. It’s a mega billion dollar industry which has a predicted long-term sales growth of between 4 and 6 percent. Wine sales have more than doubled since the early 1990s and the sales of wines produced have increased despite the downturn in the economy.

Not to crush your dream or anything but as promising as that sounds, the thing you need to know in running a winery is that it’s a very expensive and time-consuming venture. You have to have a lot of passion, commitment and patience as it’s hard labour. Furthermore, returns on investment generally take years to realise in this kind of industry.

The costs of running a winery are so great that it can scare away all but the most devoted connoisseurs of wines. The land alone in the Hunter Valley can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars per acre. You’ll also be spending on winemaking supplies and equipment which can easily reach seven to eight figures. If money is not enough – which could very well be the case – there’s always a wealthy family member, a friend or an investor who may be willing to assist you, or perhaps applying for business loans or any kind of debt financing can help you with the funding of your winery dreams.

To set up a winery, you can follow these steps:

  • Find a good land location ideally suited for grape growing in terms of soil content and lot size. Avoid building a winery in a lesser-known region as you’ll not likely find a market much beyond that locale.
  • Apply for permits and licensing requirements.
  • Set up a warehouse ready with production equipment and a tasting room.
  • Purchase necessary equipment. Aside from the standard office equipment, you’ll also need vehicles for transporting grapes and wine crates, tanks, pallets and a forklift for moving pallets around the warehouse.
  • Network with potential clients.
  • Market to current and potential clients.

Most of us picture a winery as acres of lands surrounded by a vineyard where the grapes are grown, but that’s not always the case. Building a wine business can also be done through a variety of business models and people have done it differently. You can start your own winery by:

  • Buying an already established winery if you have the means so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Planting a vineyard.
  • Focusing on retail wine sales first.
  • Building wine brands. You can own a wine business and have no vineyard. If you’re starting and want a cheaper way to get into the business, this would be a good way to go.

Establishing a fully functioning winery is a huge undertaking and if you want to be a success in the highly competitive winemaking world, you need to have a deep pocket, long range vision, in-depth knowledge about the industry and an unwavering belief in the end result.

Places to Get a Home Loan in the Hunter Valley

Living and owning a home in the picturesque Hunter Valley is a dream for many. Imagine living in a lovely rural setting, in a property where the kids can run around, ride a bike and own a pony. Most homes in the Hunter Valley are set against stunning ranges and mountains and are within moments to the vineyards. Owning a patch of rural land in this beautiful region is something a lot of people would consider if only they have the resources.

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Of course, before you start looking for a property to buy and invest in, you need to get your finances in order and once it’s settled and you’ve made your decision, you’ll be ready to choose a home loan that works for you. However, with all the home loan choices that are available, it may not be an easy task.

Purchasing a home can be an obstacle to those with bad credit scores or history but it’s not impossible. There are lending companies that offer bad credit loans if you have a credit score that’s too low to get a conventional mortgage. The realtors in your area can also suggest on what you can do with these kinds of situations.

If you’re looking into securing a home loan in the Hunter Valley, there are a wide range of home loans and home lending specialists that can help and assist you in every step of the way.  Here are some of the best places to get a home loan in the Hunter Valley…

Hunter Valley Finance

Hunter Valley Finance can help arrange the most suitable loan that works for you. They’ve been doing home loans for many years and have been offering a wider choice of home loans than the banks. They’re also a member of the Australian Finance Group, the largest mortgage broking group in Australia.

Hunter Lending Solutions

Established in 2007 Hunter Lending Solutions has been providing professional lending advice and solutions for the whole process of buying or building a home. They can guide you along every step of the way.

Universal Home Loans

Universal Home Loans is a non-bank lender that offers competitive interest rates and a great level of personal service. Their founders have a World Wide AAA credit rating, which no Australian Bank currently has.


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recycling wine bottles

Recycling and Waste Management in the Hunter Valley

The decreasing landfill space, harmful environmental impacts of landfills, snowballing costs of waste disposal, and the increasing consumption of natural and non-renewable resources are all very good reasons to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

The majority of the rubbish that ends up in the landfills is made up of organic and degradable materials that release greenhouse gases as they break down. Many of the different materials in the waste could be diverted before they reach the waste stream or have potential resource value if they could be recovered or recycled cost-effectively. It’s a good thing there are trusted rubbish removal companies in Australia which provide cost-effective waste management and recycling solutions.

With Sydney landfills and dumpsites reaching their capacity, there have been proposals on building a facility in the Hunter Valley to accommodate at least 8 million tonnes of waste from Sydney and other regions for the next 20 years.

This has been opposed by some group sectors as there’s always a big concern for public health especially with the waters being contaminated. Winemakers are also opposing as they fear that the dumping sites could wipe out the famous Hunter Valley grapevines and destroy a multimillion-dollar industry.

To help minimise waste and spread awareness, City councils are launching campaigns to save the environment. For instance, Maitland City Council has been working with other councils of the Hunter and the Central Coast Region to protect the bushland, parks and urban area centres from illegal dumping. Their campaign called “Dobbing in a Dumper” encourages residents to report any illegal dumping incidents to the council by providing information about the offender (description of person, car registration number, etc.).

There are more than 22 million people currently living in Australia and it is projected that the average Australian produces about 1 tonne of garbage per year and that is a lot of rubbish! With the country’s growing population, we cannot afford to maintain this rate of waste disposal.

Although many people are into recycling, our economy and society still waste a lot of resources that could be re-used and made into new products. The general public should have the initiative and take full responsibility of their own waste and the government must take action to work with the community to have a zero waste society. After all, when your region is as beautiful as the Hunter Valley, wouldn’t you want to preserve and keep it beautiful?


commercial property christchurch

Commercial Property Investment

Investing in a commercial property is quite complex to say the least, even for the experienced investors and experts. But a commercial property venture could turn out to be a sound investment decision for any business expansion, especially if you want to reduce your costs by using the property for your own use instead of paying for lease.

Commercial property investment in Christchurch is booming. However, some are still doubtful about participating in Christchurch’s commercial property arena, especially after the earthquake damaged New Zealand’s second-largest city – but that is not the case in Christchurch today.

Christchurch is one of New Zealand’s most positive cities, more so after the earthquake. The rousing progress of the Christchurch rebuild has seen the expansion of commercial property investment and development brought about by the commercial property construction that is on-going in and around the metro.

Commercial property management has certainly become important in Christchurch as a result of the earthquake. A lot of the building owners are now more aware of just how essential the continuing operation of their asset actually is. As a result, a strong comeback for property management and development is at its peak.

Many investors are now drawn to Christchurch because of its rapidly growing economy established by the city’s social and infrastructure rebuild. There is progress everywhere. The sales are up and the economic growth has been established – the Christchurch rebuild is now becoming more of a reality. All these dynamics have strengthened the investors’ outlook about commercial property Christchurch.

The investors’ vision on imminent circumstances with regards to the commercial property market is becoming considerably brighter. With the market showing growth, things are looking good for commercial property investors in the coming months and perhaps all throughout the year.

There is a significant jump in optimism around commercial property investment in Christchurch so, if you are still thinking about it, I suggest you now go and dive right in to the lucrative commercial property investment – where else but right here in Christchurch!

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Irish Food You Can Get in Australia

Are you an Irish living in Australia? If you are, then there must be loads of things you miss about Ireland. One that tops the list is the familiar foods that our Irish mates had grown up with. What’s great however is that you can find basically almost anything that comes from anywhere else in Australia, and that includes good Irish food!

One company that sells great Irish food in Australia is Taste Ireland. They import over 100 different brands and they sell wholesale, online, and you can find their products at Woolworths too. Now you can pamper yourself with the many Irish gift hampers you can find in Taste Ireland.

We are sharing with you some Irish food you can get in Australia.

  1. Guinness Draught – the world’s most famous creamy Irish stout and is a staple on many great Irish dishes. The creamy bitter Guinness also pairs well with beef.
  2. Traditional Black and White Pudding – an essential ingredient for that full Irish Breakfast and this one is based on the flavoursome Traditional Irish recipe.
  3. Traditional Irish Sausages – have rusk and seasoning for the real Irish taste. It’s ideal for the perfect Irish breakfast and is the closest thing to a Denny sausage this side of the world!
  4. Baked Irish Soda Bread – a tried and tested recipe that is a proven favourite that can be frozen and used on a rainy day.
  5. Cadbury Chocolate – Ireland’s favourite chocolate. Cadbury’s Dairymilk is a “Love Irish Food” Brand and every ½ pound of Cadbury Dairy Milk contains a glass and a half full of fresh Irish milk sourced from cows.
  6. TK Red Lemonade – the sparkling and fun lemonade treat for the kids and the whole family. TK has a wide range of flavours and adults associate it with childhood and know it as the original red lemonade.
  7. Lakeshore Wholegrain Guinness Mustard – this unique blend of Guinness Stout and mustard is excellent with protein-rich meats like roast beef, steaks and barbecue. It provides a subtle flavour to sauces and also adds taste to soups and stews.
  8. Erin Traditional Farmhouse Vegetable Soup – Erin is an iconic Irish food brand that is over 40 years old and is known for its range of excellent dry sauces, soups and vegetables. Enjoythe home made taste of delicious wholesome soups with Erin’s traditional soup. The company concocts their range of traditional soups using only the finest ingredients.
  9. Tayto crisps – Ireland’s No. 1 Crisp brand! Special blending of the choicest potatoes and the purest sunflower oil, seasoned in a delightful cheese and onion flavour. It’s the first and the tastiest cheese & onion flavoured crisps in the world.
  10. Barry’s Loose Leaf Tea – carefully blended by experts for over a century, it has a distinctively refreshing flavour and a bright golden colour. Barry’s is a “Love Irish Food” Brand.
  11. Tayto Bistro crisps – hand cooked gourmet crisps made with 100% sunflower oil and is suitable for vegetarians.
  12. Baileys – Baileys Original Irish Cream is crafted with care from fresh Irish cream, the finest spirits and Irish whiskey.
  13. Wolf Blass Brut Chardonnay Pinot Noir – A great dinner starter, Wolf Blass Red Label Premium Cuvée has had a long and distinguished history at major wine shows in the past. It contains a depth and complexity with refreshingly dry characters of stone fruit with soft yeast-derived toastiness and lasting minerality.
  14.   After Eight Mints – light and airy chocolate mints. It’s described as “mint enrobed in dark chocolate” and is intended, as the name suggests, to be used as after-dinner mints.
  15. Old Time Irish Coarse Cut Marmalade – made with the freshest fruit and utmost care in every part of the process. It’s the perfect preserve for that morning tea and toast.
  16. Boland Kimberley Biscuits – Kimberley is the legendary biscuit of the Emerald Isle, a gingery biscuit enclosing a marshmallow centre encrusted with sugar.
  17. Hellmanns Light Mayo Jar – half the calories and fat of Hellmann’s real mayonnaise but all of the rich, creamy taste. Prepared with 100% certified cage-free eggs and 3.5g fat per serving, it’s also a good source of Omega 3 ALA.
  18. The Scullery Corn Relish – a unique taste – sharp as a tack yet smooth and velvety.  It’s the ultimate comfort food that is low in fat, has no cholesterol or salt, additives, preservatives or MSG, only natural ingredients and spices that increases metabolism which aids in weight loss.
  19. Club Orange – the first orange fruit juice to come on the market. Oliver Grace was the man who made it. Club Orange is a “Love Irish Food” Brand.
  20. Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea – a subtle  blend for relaxed people who enjoy life and good company. It has a flavour so refreshing you can taste the difference.

For more information on Taste Ireland visit