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Setting up a Winery: How to Make it in the Wine Business

If you’re a lover of fine wines, you must have dreamt of owning a winery. Imagine wandering through the vineyards, having the opportunity to enjoy what you love and turning it into a profitable business, plus the bonus of having your very name on the label of a great-tasting wine.

The wine industry is a growing industry as rich as a chilled bottle of Chardonnay. It’s a mega billion dollar industry which has a predicted long-term sales growth of between 4 and 6 percent. Wine sales have more than doubled since the early 1990s and the sales of wines produced have increased despite the downturn in the economy.

Not to crush your dream or anything but as promising as that sounds, the thing you need to know in running a winery is that it’s a very expensive and time-consuming venture. You have to have a lot of passion, commitment and patience as it’s hard labour. Furthermore, returns on investment generally take years to realise in this kind of industry.

The costs of running a winery are so great that it can scare away all but the most devoted connoisseurs of wines. The land alone in the Hunter Valley can cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars per acre. You’ll also be spending on winemaking supplies and equipment which can easily reach seven to eight figures. If money is not enough – which could very well be the case – there’s always a wealthy family member, a friend or an investor who may be willing to assist you, or perhaps applying for business loans or any kind of debt financing can help you with the funding of your winery dreams.

To set up a winery, you can follow these steps:

  • Find a good land location ideally suited for grape growing in terms of soil content and lot size. Avoid building a winery in a lesser-known region as you’ll not likely find a market much beyond that locale.
  • Apply for permits and licensing requirements.
  • Set up a warehouse ready with production equipment and a tasting room.
  • Purchase necessary equipment. Aside from the standard office equipment, you’ll also need vehicles for transporting grapes and wine crates, tanks, pallets and a forklift for moving pallets around the warehouse.
  • Network with potential clients.
  • Market to current and potential clients.

Most of us picture a winery as acres of lands surrounded by a vineyard where the grapes are grown, but that’s not always the case. Building a wine business can also be done through a variety of business models and people have done it differently. You can start your own winery by:

  • Buying an already established winery if you have the means so you don’t have to start from scratch.
  • Planting a vineyard.
  • Focusing on retail wine sales first.
  • Building wine brands. You can own a wine business and have no vineyard. If you’re starting and want a cheaper way to get into the business, this would be a good way to go.

Establishing a fully functioning winery is a huge undertaking and if you want to be a success in the highly competitive winemaking world, you need to have a deep pocket, long range vision, in-depth knowledge about the industry and an unwavering belief in the end result.

Places to Get a Home Loan in the Hunter Valley

Living and owning a home in the picturesque Hunter Valley is a dream for many. Imagine living in a lovely rural setting, in a property where the kids can run around, ride a bike and own a pony. Most homes in the Hunter Valley are set against stunning ranges and mountains and are within moments to the vineyards. Owning a patch of rural land in this beautiful region is something a lot of people would consider if only they have the resources.

Buying a home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Of course, before you start looking for a property to buy and invest in, you need to get your finances in order and once it’s settled and you’ve made your decision, you’ll be ready to choose a home loan that works for you. However, with all the home loan choices that are available, it may not be an easy task.

Purchasing a home can be an obstacle to those with bad credit scores or history but it’s not impossible. There are lending companies that offer bad credit loans if you have a credit score that’s too low to get a conventional mortgage. The realtors in your area can also suggest on what you can do with these kinds of situations.

If you’re looking into securing a home loan in the Hunter Valley, there are a wide range of home loans and home lending specialists that can help and assist you in every step of the way.  Here are some of the best places to get a home loan in the Hunter Valley…

Hunter Valley Finance

Hunter Valley Finance can help arrange the most suitable loan that works for you. They’ve been doing home loans for many years and have been offering a wider choice of home loans than the banks. They’re also a member of the Australian Finance Group, the largest mortgage broking group in Australia.

Hunter Lending Solutions

Established in 2007 Hunter Lending Solutions has been providing professional lending advice and solutions for the whole process of buying or building a home. They can guide you along every step of the way.

Universal Home Loans

Universal Home Loans is a non-bank lender that offers competitive interest rates and a great level of personal service. Their founders have a World Wide AAA credit rating, which no Australian Bank currently has.


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Recycling and Waste Management in the Hunter Valley

The decreasing landfill space, harmful environmental impacts of landfills, snowballing costs of waste disposal, and the increasing consumption of natural and non-renewable resources are all very good reasons to reduce, reuse and recycle waste.

The majority of the rubbish that ends up in the landfills is made up of organic and degradable materials that release greenhouse gases as they break down. Many of the different materials in the waste could be diverted before they reach the waste stream or have potential resource value if they could be recovered or recycled cost-effectively. It’s a good thing there are trusted rubbish removal companies in Australia which provide cost-effective waste management and recycling solutions.

With Sydney landfills and dumpsites reaching their capacity, there have been proposals on building a facility in the Hunter Valley to accommodate at least 8 million tonnes of waste from Sydney and other regions for the next 20 years.

This has been opposed by some group sectors as there’s always a big concern for public health especially with the waters being contaminated. Winemakers are also opposing as they fear that the dumping sites could wipe out the famous Hunter Valley grapevines and destroy a multimillion-dollar industry.

To help minimise waste and spread awareness, City councils are launching campaigns to save the environment. For instance, Maitland City Council has been working with other councils of the Hunter and the Central Coast Region to protect the bushland, parks and urban area centres from illegal dumping. Their campaign called “Dobbing in a Dumper” encourages residents to report any illegal dumping incidents to the council by providing information about the offender (description of person, car registration number, etc.).

There are more than 22 million people currently living in Australia and it is projected that the average Australian produces about 1 tonne of garbage per year and that is a lot of rubbish! With the country’s growing population, we cannot afford to maintain this rate of waste disposal.

Although many people are into recycling, our economy and society still waste a lot of resources that could be re-used and made into new products. The general public should have the initiative and take full responsibility of their own waste and the government must take action to work with the community to have a zero waste society. After all, when your region is as beautiful as the Hunter Valley, wouldn’t you want to preserve and keep it beautiful?


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Commercial Property Investment

Investing in a commercial property is quite complex to say the least, even for the experienced investors and experts. But a commercial property venture could turn out to be a sound investment decision for any business expansion, especially if you want to reduce your costs by using the property for your own use instead of paying for lease.

Commercial property investment in Christchurch is booming. However, some are still doubtful about participating in Christchurch’s commercial property arena, especially after the earthquake damaged New Zealand’s second-largest city – but that is not the case in Christchurch today.

Christchurch is one of New Zealand’s most positive cities, more so after the earthquake. The rousing progress of the Christchurch rebuild has seen the expansion of commercial property investment and development brought about by the commercial property construction that is on-going in and around the metro.

Commercial property management has certainly become important in Christchurch as a result of the earthquake. A lot of the building owners are now more aware of just how essential the continuing operation of their asset actually is. As a result, a strong comeback for property management and development is at its peak.

Many investors are now drawn to Christchurch because of its rapidly growing economy established by the city’s social and infrastructure rebuild. There is progress everywhere. The sales are up and the economic growth has been established – the Christchurch rebuild is now becoming more of a reality. All these dynamics have strengthened the investors’ outlook about commercial property Christchurch.

The investors’ vision on imminent circumstances with regards to the commercial property market is becoming considerably brighter. With the market showing growth, things are looking good for commercial property investors in the coming months and perhaps all throughout the year.

There is a significant jump in optimism around commercial property investment in Christchurch so, if you are still thinking about it, I suggest you now go and dive right in to the lucrative commercial property investment – where else but right here in Christchurch!

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Irish Food You Can Get in Australia

Are you an Irish living in Australia? If you are, then there must be loads of things you miss about Ireland. One that tops the list is the familiar foods that our Irish mates had grown up with. What’s great however is that you can find basically almost anything that comes from anywhere else in Australia, and that includes good Irish food!

One company that sells great Irish food in Australia is Taste Ireland. They import over 100 different brands and they sell wholesale, online, and you can find their products at Woolworths too. Now you can pamper yourself with the many Irish gift hampers you can find in Taste Ireland.

We are sharing with you some Irish food you can get in Australia.

  1. Guinness Draught – the world’s most famous creamy Irish stout and is a staple on many great Irish dishes. The creamy bitter Guinness also pairs well with beef.
  2. Traditional Black and White Pudding – an essential ingredient for that full Irish Breakfast and this one is based on the flavoursome Traditional Irish recipe.
  3. Traditional Irish Sausages – have rusk and seasoning for the real Irish taste. It’s ideal for the perfect Irish breakfast and is the closest thing to a Denny sausage this side of the world!
  4. Baked Irish Soda Bread – a tried and tested recipe that is a proven favourite that can be frozen and used on a rainy day.
  5. Cadbury Chocolate – Ireland’s favourite chocolate. Cadbury’s Dairymilk is a “Love Irish Food” Brand and every ½ pound of Cadbury Dairy Milk contains a glass and a half full of fresh Irish milk sourced from cows.
  6. TK Red Lemonade – the sparkling and fun lemonade treat for the kids and the whole family. TK has a wide range of flavours and adults associate it with childhood and know it as the original red lemonade.
  7. Lakeshore Wholegrain Guinness Mustard – this unique blend of Guinness Stout and mustard is excellent with protein-rich meats like roast beef, steaks and barbecue. It provides a subtle flavour to sauces and also adds taste to soups and stews.
  8. Erin Traditional Farmhouse Vegetable Soup – Erin is an iconic Irish food brand that is over 40 years old and is known for its range of excellent dry sauces, soups and vegetables. Enjoythe home made taste of delicious wholesome soups with Erin’s traditional soup. The company concocts their range of traditional soups using only the finest ingredients.
  9. Tayto crisps – Ireland’s No. 1 Crisp brand! Special blending of the choicest potatoes and the purest sunflower oil, seasoned in a delightful cheese and onion flavour. It’s the first and the tastiest cheese & onion flavoured crisps in the world.
  10. Barry’s Loose Leaf Tea – carefully blended by experts for over a century, it has a distinctively refreshing flavour and a bright golden colour. Barry’s is a “Love Irish Food” Brand.
  11. Tayto Bistro crisps – hand cooked gourmet crisps made with 100% sunflower oil and is suitable for vegetarians.
  12. Baileys – Baileys Original Irish Cream is crafted with care from fresh Irish cream, the finest spirits and Irish whiskey.
  13. Wolf Blass Brut Chardonnay Pinot Noir – A great dinner starter, Wolf Blass Red Label Premium Cuvée has had a long and distinguished history at major wine shows in the past. It contains a depth and complexity with refreshingly dry characters of stone fruit with soft yeast-derived toastiness and lasting minerality.
  14.   After Eight Mints – light and airy chocolate mints. It’s described as “mint enrobed in dark chocolate” and is intended, as the name suggests, to be used as after-dinner mints.
  15. Old Time Irish Coarse Cut Marmalade – made with the freshest fruit and utmost care in every part of the process. It’s the perfect preserve for that morning tea and toast.
  16. Boland Kimberley Biscuits – Kimberley is the legendary biscuit of the Emerald Isle, a gingery biscuit enclosing a marshmallow centre encrusted with sugar.
  17. Hellmanns Light Mayo Jar – half the calories and fat of Hellmann’s real mayonnaise but all of the rich, creamy taste. Prepared with 100% certified cage-free eggs and 3.5g fat per serving, it’s also a good source of Omega 3 ALA.
  18. The Scullery Corn Relish – a unique taste – sharp as a tack yet smooth and velvety.  It’s the ultimate comfort food that is low in fat, has no cholesterol or salt, additives, preservatives or MSG, only natural ingredients and spices that increases metabolism which aids in weight loss.
  19. Club Orange – the first orange fruit juice to come on the market. Oliver Grace was the man who made it. Club Orange is a “Love Irish Food” Brand.
  20. Barry’s Irish Breakfast Tea – a subtle  blend for relaxed people who enjoy life and good company. It has a flavour so refreshing you can taste the difference.

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Pure Linen Sheets

Simply Linen Classic bed 800 pxLinen is a fabric made from the fibres of the flax plant. It has been grown for thousands of years and is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. Its durability makes it perfectly suited for bed and bath fabrics, table coverings and napkins, curtains, garments and other household materials. It is highly absorbent and far more durable than other fabrics.

Linen is a versatile fabric for home and business use. It is an important piece in the hospitality industry. Hotels are remembered for the quality, cleanliness and comfort their rooms provide their customers – from beds and linen sheets to towels and robes. I know you would agree with me when I say that one of the best parts in staying at a nice hotel is the bed. We usually look forward to getting into those clean, crisp, perfectly-made sheets that are so comfortably relaxing – pure bliss!

In restaurants, the napkins, tablecloths and banquet linens are also as important as the service and quality of food they offer.

A very vibrant company, Simply Linen is a business that offers a wide array of products of pure linens online in Australia.

Simply Linen’s collection boasts of elegance. It is chic, yet highly functional. Their collection include soft white pure linen bed and table linen, pure linen flat sheets, fitted sheets, pillowslips and duvet covers. They also have pure linen tablecloths, napkins, placemats and table runners. You can choose from their classic collection which features hand drawn threadwork finishing, or the easy care contempo collection which has a no fuss tailored finish.

In addition to bed and table linen they also offer hand worked monogramming for a personal touch and a refined selection of gift items, including the scented cinnamon sticks that will surely infuse your homes with a delightful scent.

Peta Drake is the Executive Director of Simply Linen. Her love for textiles which she inherited from her grandmother inspired her to open her pure linen line.

Simply Linen is available only online and as Peta puts it, “The beauty of the online shop is that customers need not leave the comfort of home to enjoy our collections (no more arduous car journeys!), they simply make their selections from the online shop and it arrives at their doorstop within a few days.”

How great would it be to create that five star luxury feel in your own home just by using pure linens! Aside from luxury and comfort, it is an investment as it can last up to many many years. Grab yours and feel the difference!

To find out more and order online click on pure linen sheets

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Accommodation in the Loire Valley

Planning to visit the Loire Valley? Here’s some accommodation to consider when you’re planning a holiday in this magnificent region.

La MirandeLa Mirande
Step into history with class and style at La Mirande. It is centrally located in Avignon, steps from Avignon Cathedral and Place de l’Horloge. This 5-star hotel is within close proximity of Palais des Papes and Musee du Petit Palais. Stay here and experience the wonderful atmosphere with their beautiful gardens. Sample some of the best gastronomic delights in the hotel’s restaurant that features a bar and a garden view.


Cour des LogesCour des Loges
With a stay at Cour des Loges, you’ll be centrally located in Lyon, steps from Lyon History Museum and Lyon Courthouse. This 5-star hotel is within close proximity of Guignol Theater and St. Jean Cathedral. Set in a former Jesuit college, the Cour Des Loges hotel combines Renaissance-style architecture with contemporary decor. The hotel’s glass-roofed courtyard houses a restaurant with hand-painted frescoes, modern artworks and lifts up to three towers.

Chateau EzaChateau Eza
Located in Eze, Chateau Eza is near the sea and close to Galimard Perfumerie, Villa Kerylos, and Exotic Garden. Nearby points of interest also include Villa Ephrussi and Prince’s Palace. The recently renovated 5 star hotel Chateau Eza offers the highest standard of comfort in a quiet and cozy environment. The hotel is housed in a castle of stone on a narrow cobblestone street, too small to be reached by car. Upon your arrival look for the Relais which houses their donkeys at the bottom of the village. The walk (light hike) up through this village full of history is the best way to discover its charm and secrets.

Grand Hotel La Cloche Dijon - MGallery CollectionGrand Hotel La Cloche Dijon – MGallery Collection
Situated in Dijon, Sofitel Dijon La Cloche is in the historical district and minutes from Darcy Square and Dijon Cathedral. This 5-star hotel is within close proximity of Church of Notre Dame and Palace of the Dukes. Overlooking the capital of the Duchy of Burgundy, the Grand Hôtel De La Cloche de Dijon boasts an unbeatable view over the prestigious Place Darcy and its stunning square. This Hausmann-style building, which is a subtle mixture of sophistication and cozy, is a page out of history and has welcomed prominent world figures since the 15th century. Its luxurious refined decor and timeless interior garden captivate everyone who climbs the steps to enter this 5-star establishment.

L Hermitage (2)L’Hermitage Gantois, Autograph Collection
This city-center property is located in Lille, close to Musee des Beaux-Arts, Place Rihour, and Grand Place de Lille. This five-star hotel creates enchanting, harmonious spaces by complementing its rich architectural heritage with refined ultra-modernism. One of the four courtyards is home to a 220-year-old wisteria that’s been declared a historic monument.


Residence Les Chalets D’ArrondazResidence Les Chalets D’Arrondaz
Located in Modane, you’ll be within the region of Bardonecchia Ski Resort and Val Thorens Ski Resort. This ski chalet is within the region of Col du Telegraphe and Les Menuires Ski Resort. It is within easy reach of Frejus Road Tunnel and winter sports like snowshoeing and ice skating. Other attractions in the area include Aussois en Vanoise.


Clos de La RichaudièreClos de La Richaudière
Set on a 5-hectare property, these villas are a 5-minute drive from La Brenne Natural Park. They offer free Wi-Fi access, an indoor, heated swimming pool and a fitness room. All the spacious villas at Clos de la Richaudière feature a terrace and a seating area with a sofa, a DVD player and a TV with satellite channels. This property includes a games room where guests can play billiards, baby-foot and table tennis. A children’s playground and a library are also available.

Cabane Perchée La ChouanniereCabane Perchée La Chouanniere
Cabane Perchée La Chouanniere is just a 5-minute drive from the centre of Brion and 30 km from Château de Saumur. The treehouse at La Chouanniere is set in the large garden and offers a private terrace with views of the surrounding countryside. It is composed of a main living area with a kitchenette and a separate sleeping area. A continental breakfast is available every morning in this 16th-century bed and breakfast. Bourgueil and Chinon wine villages are both a 25-minute drive away.

Gîtes Le MousseauGîtes Le Mousseau
Set in a 19th-century country house surrounded by 75 hectares of greenery, Le Mousseau offers self-catering apartments in the village of Chaumont-sur-Tharonne. La Ferté Saint-Aubin with its famous château is 15 km away. Featuring exposed wooden beams and red brick walls, all of the apartments include a kitchen. Guests can visit Château de Chambord 37 km away, go fishing to the nearby pond, hiking or cycling. A 27-hole golf course is just a 10-minute drive from Le Mousseau.

Le BerryLe Berry
This beautiful cottage is set in idyllic quiet private estate of the owner. In total there are three houses in this area. The cottage is spacious and tastefully decorated. As a guest you have a large private garden with terrace, pool and garden furniture.


Villa MonticelliVilla Monticelli
Situated in the heart of the bourgeoisie 8th district, their guesthouse is surrounded by mansions, embassies, parks and greenery. A very warm welcome awaits you at Villa Monticelli in Marseille. Incorporating Tuscan style with 1930’s charm, this lovely accommodation is ideally situated in the calm and beautiful 8th district; Saint Giniez, close to the Bagatelle garden and only a few minutes from the Prado beaches.

Les IrisLes Iris
Les Iris is situated in the heart of the Loire valley. It is just twenty to thirty minutes’ drive to almost all the major chateaux including the Beauval Zoo. The general atmosphere at Les Iris is peaceful, friendly, and scenic.



Le Lis Casa BlancaLe Lis Casa Blanca
Le Lis Casa Blanca in Montpellier invites you to discover a haven of peace and tranquility. Whether you are planning your vacation, Le Lis Casa Blanca is ideally located five minutes by car close to the centre of Montpellier and the train station, only fifteen minutes from the airport and the Mediterranean sea is only twenty minutes by car. This is a place to visit, to relax and just to escape. Le Lis Casa Blanca whose name comes from the lily flower is the place of mystical powers. Their guesthouse units are the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance creating a gentle and relaxing atmosphere. The patio with its vegetation is a perfect place for relaxing, reading and sun bathing.

Au Bon AccueilAu Bon Accueil
Au Bon Accueil is situated just thirteen minutes by car from the world heritage site of Mont St Michel and thirty minutes from the fabulous walled City of Corsairs – St Malo. The nearest beach is five minutes away. There is free transport to and from Mont St. Michel every day and a free pick up and drop off for guests arriving by train or bus. Breakfast is included in the room price.


Le Vieux Moulin de SillyLe Vieux Moulin de Silly
Just a short distance from Paris Beauvais, guest house Le Vieux Moulin de Silly enjoys a picturesque setting amid 1.5 hectares of beautiful parkland. The only sound to disturb you here at Le Vieux Moulin de Silly will be the song of the birds in the garden. A stony creek flows through the whole property with two waterfalls, and you can find a variety of rosebushes throughout the grounds.


La Riviera LimousineLa Riviera Limousine
La Riviéra Limousine is located in the medieval village of Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne, near the River Dordogne. The environmentally-friendly property has a games room, sports area and an outdoor swimming pool with a slide, situated 500 metres away. Guests can enjoy hiking and cycling in the surrounding countryside and archery and climbing are also available. Children can enjoy a playground and separate pool.


Situated in Velleron, Hostellerie La Grangette is in a rural location and area attractions include Provence Country Club, Santon Museum, and Fontaine-de-Vaucluse Springs. Additional area attractions include Museum of the Resistance. This guest house is 3.2 km from the centre of Saint-Salvy. It offers a 1-hectare garden, a swimming pool and a wellness room with a sauna, a hot tub and an elliptical trainer.


Auberge FerayolaAuberge Ferayola
Auberge Ferayola is situated a 3-minute drive from l’Argentella beach. It offers a self-catering cottage and rooms with views of the sea or the surrounding forest. Guests have free access to a tennis court and an outdoor swimming pool. You’ll be by the sea and within the region of Girolata Beach and Calvi Beach. This inn is within the region of Scandola Nature Reserve and Eglise Ste-Marie-Majeure.


Auberge de CatherineAuberge de Catherine
Perched 1500 metres high, in a typical village of the Hautes-Alpes, Auberge De Catherine combines mountain air and nature to guarantee you a restful stay. Located next to the ski area of Serre Chevalier, Puy Saint Pierre is the ideal place to stay if what you are looking for is a ski haven. In the summer, the mountains will make a great setting for breath-taking hikes and other outdoor activities and sports. This inn is within the region of Col d’Arsine.


Mas PaulineMas Pauline
With a panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea and the Albères Mountains, Mas Pauline is located 9 km from the centre of Céret. It offers a relaxation area with an outdoor swimming pool, a sauna, hot tub and fitness centre. Mas Pauline is a working farm, which has several farm animals and is within the region of Gorges de la Fou.


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Rubbish Removal Sydney

doylebrosEvery household and office generates a great amount of rubbish daily which can be very unsafe for people and family triggering diseases, add to that the dangers it causes to our habitat. Waste management is a process that is generally undertaken to diminish the effect of wastes on health and the environment. Of course clearing waste is not that easy, but the good thing is there are professional removal and disposal services that will do just that for us!

In Sydney, there are rubbish removal businesses that offer services as required by local laws. But with several companies emerging and offering this kind of services, finding the best one to trust can be difficult. Make sure you find out more about a company before getting their services.

One of the more relevant issues is to know where a company takes your junk and what they do to it. A good service provider knows how to dispose of wastes correctly by segregating biodegradable and non-biodegradable, and then transporting it to the proper channels.

When it comes to environment protection, proper recycling of waste material is essential. Recycling is a very important aspect to consider and involves conscientious support from rubbish removal companies. A good company will offer recycling services after collection and help in its reuse; and know how to sort, separate and process junk into reusable resources.

Experience is also important. For a good outcome, look for an experienced company that has the proper tools and equipments needed for collection of materials and have experienced staff that know what they are doing.

One name to trust in this trade is the Doyles Bros. Doyle Bros is an Australian, family-owned and operated company with over 20 years experience providing Sydney with cost-effective waste management and recycling solutions in both the commercial and industrial spheres.

Nowadays, rubbish removal companies have a significant role in saving us and the environment from negative effects caused by growing junk. Some have perfected the art of rubbish removal, helping us go on with our busy lives and not worry about how to dispose our wastes. It’s easy, fast and effective!


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Paul Keung: Christchurch New Zealand Accommodation

20 Great Places To Stay in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is listed as one of the top 10 cities to visit as stated by the Lonely Planet. Dubbed  the “Garden City”, it continues to be a dynamic world of natural wonders. Here’s a list of where to stay when you are in Christchurch.

A Nest on Mt Pleasant
This bed and breakfast is a unique, fully self-contained home with all the service and friendly, personal hospitality of a homestay. The Nest is set in native bush and built on three levels with extensive decking and expansive views of estuary, sea and mountains.

Arthur’s Court Motor Lodge
Arthur’s Court is Qualmark 5 star and Enviro Gold rated, close to the heart of the Christchurch, with a commitment to provide the best guest experience possible. It has maintained its elegance, luxury and quality since it started.

CentrePoint on Colombo
CentrePoint on Colombo is the closest luxury motel to the city centre with excellent value. It is just a short walk to all areas of central Christchurch. It is located in an uncongested part of central Christchurch so that all areas of the city are accessible within a 20-minute drive.

Clearview Lodge
Relax at Clearview Lodge, 5 star Bed and Breakfast vineyard accommodations that are just 10 minutes to Airport and 15 minutes to the city. Wake to the peaceful sounds of bellbirds and enjoy their ever changing garden – the green of spring, fruits of summer and autumn and magic of autumn leaves.

Dyers House
A luxury boutique accommodation, Dyers House was built a century ago and was one of the first houses on the hill. It offers luxury accommodation, yet retains its original charm and personality. Overlooking the city and Canterbury Plains, Dyers House has spectacular panoramic views from the Southern Alps to the sea.

Heartland Hotel Cotswold
A warm and welcoming hotel located just minutes’ walk from the Christchurch Casino, boutique shopping and only a 15-minute drive from Christchurch International Airport. The hotel itself is full of character with its distinctive Tudor-style architecture that reflects Christchurch’s image as the most English of cities outside England.

Jailhouse Accommodation
Jailhouse Accommodation is Christchurch’s award-winning backpacker hostel. It is set in the historic former Addington Prison. It is the current author’s pick for Christchurch in Lonely Planet and Rough Guide, and winner of numerous hostel awards. Jailhouse Accommodation offers you the chance to experience something different.

Kaituna Homestead
Kaituna Homestead is a perfect country cottage that is modernized and distinctive. It’s a peaceful and luxurious setting in the middle of a beautiful valley. A 45-minute drive from Christchurch and is a great starting or ending destination for a South Island holiday.

Otahuna Lodge
Otahuna Lodge is a Victorian mansion that offers its guests a unique sense of wonder and discovery. Situated at the base of the Banks Peninsula, Otahuna Lodge is only 30 minutes’ drive from Christchurch airport and the city centre, making it the ideal place from which to explore Canterbury.

Parkview on Hagley
A luxurious studio hotel suite accommodation that is located at the green heart of Christchurch, beautiful Hagley Park. Enjoy the ever-changing outlook, as spring daffodils, cherry blossom and brilliant autumn colors each in turn grace this much-loved Christchurch icon.

Peppers Clearwater Resort
Located just 7m inutes from Christchurch airport, this resort accommodation has a stunning waterfront set within beautiful grounds and surrounded by clear shimmering lakes and water ways that follow the fairways of the championship golf course.

Petes Farm Stay B&B
Enjoy great views of the mountains and countryside from this accomodation. It is close to Christchurch on the North Canterbury Plains of New Zealand’s South Island and is just 25 minutes from Christchurch Airport and City centre. It is minutes away from local golf course, nature walks, horse riding and beach.

Stoneleigh Lodge
This French chateau-style lodge stands on twenty acres of landscaped grounds complete with three lakes. It is situated in the heart of Canterbury’s prestigious lifestyle belt. Just a 20-minute drive from the city & international airport, this luxury estate has ready access to the city and to the world. They offer an elegant and welcoming haven for you where you can enjoy the highest standards of hospitality and comfort.

Tangley on Clyde
A warm welcome awaits you at Tangley on Clyde, a boutique bed and breakfast with the elegance of a bygone era. This charmingly renovated Edwardian home is close to city centre, International Airport, university, restaurants, cafes, golf courses and shops. Tangley offers a unique experience for accommodation and has a reputation for making guests feel at home.

Terrace Downs
It is a 50-minute scenic drive through the Canterbury foothills from Christchurch International Airport. Terrace Downs Resort offers an ideal ‘getting away from it all’ destination close to Mt Hutt Ski field and Methven. Witness majestic sceneries and experience a warm hospitality.

The Chateau On The Park
The Chateau on the Park is a unique escape nestled in 5 acres of beautiful, tranquil gardens located opposite picturesque Hagley Park offering 192 accommodation rooms. It is your world away from the stresses of daily life. It is centrally located to the city, airport and Riccarton.

The Classic Villa Luxury Boutique Hotel

The Classic Villa is an Italian style historic home that has been renovated and tastefully refurbished into one of the finest 5 Star boutique hotel accommodations in Christchurch, New Zealand. It is located on Worcester Blvd and is only steps away from the Arts Centre & markets, art gallery, museum, botanical gardens, Cathedral Square, tram, golf course, theaters, restaurants, cafes & city shopping.

The George Hotel
A 5 star luxury boutique hotel, The George is located in the heart of Christchurch overlooking the picturesque Hagley Park and river Avon. A peaceful retreat with an intimate ambiance is guaranteed at The George. It is the only Christchurch Hotel with a one-to-one staff to guest ratio with its focus on luxury.

The Old Countryhouse Backpackers
Stay at the Old Countryhouse and escape the hustle from the moment you step through the garden gate. It is a multi-award winning backpacker hostel in Christchurch created by travelers for travelers. Take a walk along the garden path to one of the charming colonial villas with polished wooden floors and hand-made native timber furniture.

It is conveniently located 6 minutes from the Christchurch International Airport and 8 minutes to the city centre. Set in an attractive established garden with an enticing courtyard for you to relax in at any time of the day. It is also is a smoke-free environment.

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20 Reasons Your Business Needs SEO

The vital role of SEO is to improve a website’s rankings in search engines leading to an increased number of visitors to a website. It will optimize the ability for a company or a business to be seen and ultimately gain leads.

Here are 20 reasons why your business needs SEO.

  1. It will provide you a wider market share. With SEO, chances are your website will be seen by more people looking for products and services they need, thereby tapping a bigger audience.
  2. It will get you ahead and be found above your competition. Most people don’t go to the second page when they check on search engines. People can’t buy your products or services if they can’t find you. Most likely, they will go straight to the first ones they see and buy or get their services instead. SEO will help your website rise through the organic search results of search engines like Google. It plays a valuable role in helping your business be found and noticed.
  3. It is a great way to develop your business and sell more of your product or service.
  4. It will help your brand be recognized. SEO will help you differentiate your business from your competitors, and with the right website positioning you can rise to the top of the search engines when it comes to your industry. If you have gained good ranking, you can go global and extend the reach of your brand.
  5. It will build your credibility and make you look more authentic.
  6. It multiplies your impact. SEO will multiply your impact by leading your website straight to the prospective clients. It will help ensure that your website appeals to the right audience and gets viewed by a wide sector of it.
  7. It is cost effective. SEO gives you much more advertising and visibility without the sizable costs that are associated with traditional ads. It will work for you overtime.
  8. It is an investment with a high return.
  9. Your competition is doing it. Don’t be left behind!
  10. It influences social sharing. SEO plays an important role if you’re engaged in social media. Any transaction or interaction you make when you connect with your loyal customers can be spread through their networks and can result to attracting possible customers.
  11. It is free advertising. Top ranking on search engines is the perfect free advertising for people to get to know your brand. As your website begins to become effectively optimized for high search engine rankings, the increased traffic won’t cost you any more even if you attract more visitors.
  12. It provides endless opportunity.
  13. It helps impact your sales. Once you increase the traffic coming to your website, you also increase your exposure to potential customers subsequently increasing your sales.
  14. It will help you find quality leads. Most visitors on your website found you because they are looking for specific product or service. More than likely these visitors will purchase something from you and can be a loyal customer in the future.
  15. It is the best advertisement. SEO helps you promote your product or services online in the most effective manner. Your websites will be visited by potential prospects searching for products or services that you offer.
  16. It can magnify your brand’s significance.
  17. It is a continuous promotion. If your website is on top of the ranks, it will promote your brand online 24/7. It will be an on-going process even when you’re away from your desk or sleeping.
  18. It will put your website in a spot to benefit from the natural viral nature of the internet today.
  19. It has a long lasting value.
  20. It will build a better website and make you stand out.

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