Excellent wine is the first thing that will come to mind when you think of Hunter Valley. It is the home to some of Australia’s most famous wineries and vineyards. This is a wonderful place that offers a lot of activities to do and attractions that will invite you to see this beautiful region.

Food and Wine Tours
Expect great food and wine – there are wineries and vineyards around the area that you can visit to learn about wine, and sample different types and blends of it. Most of the wineries have wine tasting schedule everyday. Delight and savor in the great gourmet experience with the best restaurants in the area. The choices are almost infinite!

If you just want to escape the hectic city life and go on a retreat, there are loads of places to stay and holiday packages that await you. There is always something to fit your budget and style. Englewood Ridge for instance is a restful country house that serves as an oasis for a great holiday affair with family and friends. It is located in the Lovedale district which is just a few minutes away from wineries, restaurants and other recreational areas.

Hot Air Ballooning
One exciting way to experience the timeless beauty of the Hunter Valley Region is through Hot Air Ballooning. It is a unique experience that combines breathtaking euphoria with tranquility and serenity that is just not obtainable when your feet is on the ground – a definite must try as there’s nothing quite like it.

The Hunter Valley is not only visited for their outstanding wineries, there are golf ranges, country clubs and driving ranges that golf enthusiasts will revel in. Enjoy spectacular golf courses set among the Hunter Valley’s world famous vineyards.

If you are a nature lover and enjoy the great outdoors then you should swing by the national parks in the area. Discover and explore spectacular landscapes, mountains and serene forests like you’ve never seen before. Whether you like biking, hiking or simply walking, there are sweeping open hills and beautiful places to explore.

Art Galleries & Studios
If you are looking for art works, art studio, art dealers, online art, indigenous artwork, public art galleries you can find them here at Hunter Valley. The region contains plenty of Art Galleries and studios for visitors to enjoy.

The Hunter Valley has it all – superb wines, great accommodation options, fabulous people and endless things to do, see and taste! It doesn’t get much better than that, right? Whether it is a short respite or a long weekend with the family, the Hunter Valley is the perfect getaway for a magical retreat. So come on, it is waiting for you!

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