New Anti-Ageing Clinic in Sydney

The Hunter Valley is not so much a retirement region that it’s called “God’s Waiting Room” like Port Macquarie is. Nevertheless it’s good to know that a new clinic just opened in Chatswood is not much more than an hour down the highway when you want a bit of rejuvenation. CATHERINE BLUM reports …

Doctors are always mentioning how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle to live a better, longer life. Eating well and exercising your body and mind are the most basic – yet essential – recommendations they give to their patients. But we often get caught up in our busy lives, working, taking care of our families and worrying about a million other things that sometimes we forget to take good care of our health. And it’s only when we notice some changes or problems that we decide to take a closer look to what’s going on in our bodies.
Besides, it’s not only general health people should be conscious of. Sexual and reproductive health is also a great deal of concern in people’s lives, either because there is something to worry about or because they want to safely prevent or start a new family. And that is what Clinic 66 (previously known as Gynaecare) does: it provides quality treatment so people will have one less thing to be troubled about.
Clinic 66 is a private sexual and reproductive health centre located in Chatswood that offers services for women and men without them necessarily needing a referral. The centre has several experienced and competent doctors who have seen and are able to deal with all sorts of situations. Regarding women’s health they offer services in gynaecology, treating menopause and menstrual problems, pap tests, and also anti-ageing treatments. Regarding men’s health, services include erectile dysfunction treatments, vasectomy, STD/STI screenings, as well as anti-ageing treatments.
The clinic also offers services in family planning and sexual health for both men and women. Family planning involves dealing with quite a few topics, including unplanned pregnancies, counselling on contraception methods (temporary or permanent), birth control and fertility and infertility treatments. Sexual health comprises services in identifying and treating Chlamydia, STI/STD screenings, HPV and Hepatitis B counselling and immunisation and Herpes screening.
So regardless of age, gender or sexual preferences, the importance of doing regular checkups and being aware of your body can’t be stressed enough, as this can help discovering diseases at an early stage, improving the chances of longevity.

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